The 2021 Calendar Is Finally Underway

Now that the weather has finally made a turn for the better, work has begun on the 2021 bunny calendar. The gouache and pencil technique I use is difficult in hot, humid weather - the paint never gets quite dry and toothy enough for the pencil lines to work. Never has the sudden arrival of fall been more welcome!

So far January and February are done and it looks like it might be all ready by early October. Usually, the scenes are inspired by places that I have traveled over the past year or two. Since I haven't really left home since March, though, things are quite a bit different this year! The bunnies aren't going to be traveling either - they are going to be snug at home in their burrow, reading about and imagining their ancestors who pillaged the produce of ancient Rome. February is a demonstration of the very obvious weaknesses in Hadrian's Wall. Clearly, it's no good for protecting Caesar's salad. Just imagine what lies in store for the rest of the empire...

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