The 2021 Bunny Calendar - An Update

So there's good news, and bad news. First, the bad news, to get it out of the way... well, everyone knows what the bad news is - the pandemic. Right now it looks highly unlikely that I will be appearing at any markets this year. And the illustrations for my calendar are usually drawn from my travels in the preceding year, so I will be racking my brains a little bit, since I may not be leaving home for a while yet. But I do have some ideas already - it just might be September or October before the new version is finished and up for sale. You will be able to find it here on my website and in my Etsy shop when it is finally ready.

Now the good news - I may not be able to travel this summer, but in a fantastic stroke of luck, the bunnies have come to me. For the first time, my own garden has a resident produce pilferer! And he likes to pose for pictures!

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